Cooking faux pas

I have been experimenting with new things in order to avoid becoming bored with this low carb life and reverting back to my old favs (rice and pasta o_O). I have started doing a breakfast shake in the mornings because as of yet I have not mastered the art of waking up early enough before work to cook anything (I also am too lazy to pre make meals and freeze them, tried it but only stuck with it for one batch of food tho). So I was looking for ingredients I could add to my shakes to change it up and came across some coconut oil in my pantry that I bought to make a recipe and haven’t thought of since. Yea so I added it to my shake after looking it up to see what exactly it’s good for. BIG MISTAKE! Due to the almost oppressing heat I add ice to my shakes. I also didn’t think to melt the coconut oil before adding. I now have what I imagine is the protein shake equivalent of wax :-/

I was thinking this would be a neat thread where we could list our blunders and even some tips to avoid making the same ones again. Not sure if there is already a thread about this but one more couldn’t hurt.

That is really funny, but technically it isn't a cooking mistake it is a cooling mistake.

My favorite thing to do with coconut oil for breakfast is bulletproof coffee. 2 Tbs of butter, 2 tbs of coconut oil and a cuppa coffee in the blender and you get a low carb energy blast. And the hot coffee totally melts the coconut oil rather than making it wax.

Haha very true! Maybe I should have titled it kitchen blunders. I am def going to try that when the weather gets colder!! I am weird about hot beverages when it’s hot out lol

The act of waking up is a battle of willpower all on it’s own lol.

I am typically not hungry that early but if I skip meals my numbers to out of whack. The compromise is a bfast shake :-/

I should note that bulletproof coffee has been recommended to me somewhere else and I think I will be giving it a shot. All those calories with no carbs? Too tempting to not experiment