Cool memories on summer days

I have two cool stories to share. One is a unique way that I beat the heat. The other is a bitter cold day that warmed my heart. Once on a ninety five degree summer day, my scuba buddy and I put on our air tanks sank to the bottom of a swim pool. We played a game of checkers with a magnetic checker set. One Christmas day I worked the day shift at the factory. It was cold and blowing snow outside. After work I went to my apartment to pick up my folk’s gifts. The apartment parking lot was empty. Everyone was away visiting family. Through the blowing snow, I say a car behind the dumpster. The driver was sitting besides his car with one shoe off, freezing to death. I gather him up and dragged him to my apartment. I was able to match his driver’s license to a name down the street. I asked if they were expecting Harold. They told me that Harold was late for Christmas dinner. They told me that he was a diabetic. I went into action mode to warm and revive Harold. I received my Christmas gift in an snow chilled abandoned parking lot. Is it possible to eat a popscicle in 100 degree heat before it melts?

Well i guess that makes you a hero. Harold owes you his life. Way to go Pat.

Those were 2 great stories. You are a hero!