Cool Uncle in Colorado

So I wrote a post about a week ago concerning how I wanted to tweak my blog a little and make it a little friendlier to diabetics. Maybe friendlier isn’t the right way to put it, but just geared a little more in that direction. You can find that post here.

I even wrote a little mission statement, which I really like, and its totally a work in progress. Here it is again:

“I want to inspire young people with diabetes, using outdoor oriented mountain sports, to lead healthy, fulfilled lives.”

I mean, you can look at that a lot of ways. I live in a mountain resort town, Breckenridge, CO, and I really do consider just about everyone here to be a “young” person. At least those I hang out with. This is a town full of nutjob, mountain athletes. A lot race, a lot don’t. I know old and young people who are faster than me in any given sport, so don’t mistake my enthusiasm for elitism. I like hanging out with people who enjoy being active in the outdoors. And we’re all at different levels of being “in shape” So don’t sweat it.

But I wanted to concentrate on that mission statement a little. The inspire part. How will I do that? How have I done it in the past? I using racing certainly. Racing is an easy way to notch accomplishments, or to measure those same things. A way to quantify it. A way to check something off.

And race scenes are usually where you find a bunch of fit people. I like hanging out with fit people. I think America has an obesity problem and I’m just going to leave it at that. I enjoy pushing myself, especially when I can compare myself afterwards to “regular” people. Hey, whether it’s right or wrong to go through that process is up to me, please don’t beat me up for being some overcompetitive jock, cause I’m not.

You will not find a more laid back person on race day than myself. I go to races because they’re fun for me. I have a smile on my face the whole time. I enjoy them, and I enjoy pushing myself. So races are one of the ways I inspire.

What else? Not just by racing and exercising, but by leading a healthy lifestyle in general. I eat pretty darn well. In a healthy way. Lean meats, whole grains, lots of fruits and veggies. Drink alcohol in moderation. Sure, I’m not a saint, I have junk food. I go for fast food every now and then, but those things are the exception for me, not the norm.

I inspire by using exercise as a way to reduce stress. Yeah, maybe I do workout too much, but my personality is such, that if I wasn’t exercising, I would be doing something else, that maybe wasn’t quite as beneficial. I did that in my twenties, and it’s not a good place to be. Drinking, drugging, smoking, these are all things people do to help with stress, I don’t use any of them as a clutch. I use exercise to help me deal.

What else? I simply try to do things. I travel (when I can). I read, I walk, I write, I take photos, I go see music and theatre, I am a participant. I do not own, nor do I watch, TV. I think Americans have a problem with television, and again, I’ll leave it at that. I know I’m gonna catch a bunch of heat for speaking out against TV and being overweight, and everyone will have their own little excuse, but whatever. A little in moderation is OK, too much is too much. You make your own decisions. So by doing things, by trying to live life, I inspire that way.

I think a lot of kids have bad role models these days. They eat fast food 14 times a week and watch 6 hours of TV a day. Where do some people get this time!!?? So even though I do not have children, maybe by doing the things I do, some teenager somewhere will read this and be like, “jeez, why don’t I go for a walk, instead of watching TV,” or “Wow, there is a really cool author speaking at the library tonight, I actually really enjoy writing, maybe I should go see her.” That would make me really excited.

Hey, I’m not trying to replace anyones’ parents, no way. My parents have been married for 43 years and I’m one of the lucky ones who had hard-working, honest, caring, loving role models. I’m just trying to be a little like them, and give back to society in that way. I’m also trying to be a role model for some of those young adults who maybe need guidance not from their parents, but more from their cool uncle who lives in CO. Yeah, that’s it, think of me as the cool uncle who lives in CO.