CoPilot Health Management Software v4.0

Anyone using the CoPilot Health Management Software? If so can you install the software on multiple computers (as Home Users) and have the software (installed on two different computers) synchronize to the Host Server? We have two computers, at two different locations, that we upload data from the Omnipod. It would be nice to be able to upload from either location and have the Host Server synchronize the data to both computers.

As the main file is a database file, I don’t see why you couldn’t save the file to your server and have the program point to the file on the server as your default file. In theory, I see no reason why that would not work.

Yes, this would work the only problem is these two computers are on different networks. ie they do not share the same infastructure except for the use of the Internet. I could map the database to an Internet file network and have both point to the same mapping but I really don’t want to go to the hassle of having to set this up on both. I would rather rely on the Abott Host Server to synchronize both computers as the Omnipod data is uploaded from either computer. I have an email into Abbott support to see what they have to say. Thanks for you response.

Although not for CoPilot specifically, I use Dropbox ( to do something similar for other software (for example, our personal bookkeeping software) that is installed on multiple computers. Dropbox does automatic syncronization between all computers that are associated with the same account, usually within a few seconds of saving (or deleting) files. You can sign up for a free account that holds 2GB, and the client is easy to install and works on Windows and Mac OS X.
As long as CoPilot will let you point to a specific location for the data file, it should work; just tell it that the data file is in your Dropbox-synchronized folder.
This solution works very well, we just have to be careful not to open the data file(s) on two different computers at the same time. I’d bet it would work for CoPilot, too.

I heard back from the Abbott regarding the CoPilot Health Managment Software v4.0 and it is possible to have multiple computers synchronized to the same Host account. There is a section in the Users Manual on page 118 that describes how to update from the Host. By updating from the Host you enter your account number and password. All of your settings are downloaded and added to the client software. Then all you have to do is synchronize with the Host and all your data is updated.