Coping with Divine Intervention

A number of you have been commenting on my recent posts about my leave of absence due to my diabetes and other complications which have developed. Thank you in advance for your encouragement and thoughts.

Today I want to talk about how I am coping, spiritually, with this decision.

Now for those of any faith, or none at all, each person will view this differently. We all view our lives in many ways: emotional, physical, mental and yes, spiritual.

What a Catholic (like me) believes, is different than a Jewish person, or Hindu, or Baptist, or yes, even Atheist or Agnostic. Spirituality is different for everyone. So the following is my view, solely my view, and not to be interpreted as for everyone.

As Catholics, we rely on our faith and in dogma to understand God and His plans for us. We ask God why we’re facing this struggle. We ask Him to guide us through this journey. And should He call us home, we ask for a peaceful end and that our souls be at rest.

Now my journey will last me for the remainder of my natural born life. Diabetes has, yet, no cure, although we’re finding day by day new and promising research which may lead to a cure. While those who heal as a professional will do all, as demanded by Hippocrates, those who are called by a higher power, also will heal and comfort us.

Whether it is by scripture, prayer, annointment as part of the sacraments, or just simply a laying of hands, the healing does indeed envelope you.

When I lay in the emergency room two weeks ago, a chaplin came to visit. Instead of beginning with the more formal prayer I would expect, we jsut simply talked. Just talked. I explained my situations, which led to my opening up of my fears, and of my being scared as to what was happening to me. He let me vent, let me cry, and let me pray. It might of been his common sense approach to letting the patient come forth with his or her fears and thoughts; maybe even the comforting Irish lit in his voice. But after that visit, I no longer had the intial fears I did when I came in. While the fear was never completely gone (that took until a few days later), it did open my eyes, my heart, and soul to begin this path of the journey.

So how can one be open, spiritually, to a major health crisis? I am no psychologist or psychoanalyst, nor do I even play one on television. But if you feel strongly about your own faith, seek guidance. To be completely healthy means looking at the whole picture of you.

So, my physicial health, emotional health, and now spiritual health, must begin the healing process.

Amen! I must say that it is refreshing that a spiritual comment has been allowed on Tu Diabetes. So many other websites or whatever would have shied away from putting anything up of a spiritual nature.

I do not know how long you have been diabetic, but your chaplain obviously did the right thing. So many Christians in my experience (and I am one) just dismiss it and tell you that if you had enough faith you would be healed, or you must have done something wrong to cause it, you must be doing something wrong if you cannot control it … Not so to any of those statements. Jesus did not heal everyone he came across. Most people who have it have something physically wrong with them in the first place. And the last one just makes me want to bang my head against a wall! I just have to dust myself down, bless them and forgive them because the do not understand.

I have been off work due to sickness for many years but have been doing voluntary work in order to give myself a focus, meet people … at least with volunteering you have the choice to stop when you need to etc - in theory! It does not always happen which is why I believe that God has closed the doors to me for the time being! There was an incident at where I was volunteering. Then I went away for a while and came back to be told that I was no longer welcome there. I think I am relieved though the way it happened was not really fair. I had only had some money stolen from my purse (quite a lot!) and my mistake was to call the police!

I fully believe that there is a reason for everything (even if we cannot always see it at the time!) I hold with the Scripture, Ecclesiastes 3 where it says there is a time for everything. A time to work a time to rest (and all of it, just pointing that one out because that is where I am and you are at this moment). It is not easy though, is it? When we are used to being busy it is hard to be still.

I do not know if you are having a voluntary break or if you were fired because of your health, but embrace your time out, pray, rest, do some things that you would not have had the time or strength to do while you were in full time work.

My prayers are with you.

take care of yourself anthony

I love what you wrote…it built up my faith for my 10 year old daughter Olivia…thank you for sharing from the heart. I pray you will be well and thank God for the peace he has given you…it makes all the difference to have peace in any crisis…we will all make it thru whether we care for a TI or are a TI we all have fear of death which is very real for all of us involved. I’m glad to have read your post. Thank you.