Coping with the Winter Blues


Yet another Summer of enjoyable running has come to an end. I live in the Pacific Northwest, where the sun don’t shine between October 1 and April. All the jokes you’ve heard about the rain in Seattle (e.g. “there’s no windshield wiper off switch on rental cars here”) are pretty much true.
With the 1/2 (or possibly full) marathon I’m planning to enter not until June, I have a battle of the mind to stay fit and continue training. While running 8 miles on a partly sunny 55 degree day is great, running even 3 miles on a Seattle type cold windy rain drenching day is miserable.
There are no convenient exercise facilities for me, so I’ve ordered a mid-level quality treadmill (hopefully it will be here in a week). I hope to use it 4 or 5 days a week and manage to get outside at least once each week.

How do others manage to motivate themselves to train when the weather is nasty and the running pleasure is gone?

Or should I move to a sunnier location?


Here’s some true motivation!


oh and an ipod with inspiring music to pump you up will surely help!


I wasn’t able to view the video at this link, but I found it on youtube. Wow! What a finish!


The season that I struggle with is different. Here in TX, it’s the relentless summertime heat/humidity that gets us. Having fall races to train for really helped keep me going over the summer. The treadmill is a good idea as well. I belong to a gym, and when all else fails, the treadmill it is. As for the mind portion of it, I’d say give yourself permission to have a some “off” days where you substitute some other form of training for your running. Do a workout video, or find one of those workout shows on TV to follow. I did a water aerobics class once just to beat the heat. Of course after all that, now that the weather is nicer and I’m 3 weeks out from my 1/2, I seem to have strained something in my hip/groin (I’m thinking hip flexor), and had to take the whole week off from running. Did some walking (or limping) elliptical, and weight training later in the week. Going to try a short run today and hope things hold together. If so, I’ll go with a modified plan 'till my first 1/2. If not, I’m going to be pretty bummed.


Oh wow, that’s awful. An injury this close before your goal isn’t a good thing. I hope you’re able to complete it, but don’t risk greater injury. There will be more races and hopefully you’ve got many more years of healthy running ahead.

My treadmill arrives Monday (I can’t wait) and we’re having some decent Autumn weather (until tomorrow). So my blues are a little less blue now :slight_smile: