Corresponding Tester

I have a Medtronic Minimed pump. Does anyone use the tester that corresponds with the pump? How does it work out? I have been afraid to start using that tester and am not sure if it would interfere with boluses or calibrations at all.

try it, you will love it!

Do you mean the OneTouch Ultralink (or NovaMax link, or outside of the US the Bayer ContourLink)? Nothing to worr about… boluses happen by YOUR actions, not the meter’s. It makes things so much easier! Plus, if your doctor downloads data from the pump, they get all your BG readings as well. Go for it!

Its not using the tester thats the problem, its using the remore metering that can be an issue… The Veo and Revel dont have an issue (supposedly), but some of the earlier models that support CGMS will try to calibrate every time you use the meter when it is linked with the pump… (I vaguely had this discussion with a medtronic rep a long time ago… (you may want to double check but i think she IS right that she may have cal issues if she links/pairs up the meter with the pump.

Ah, yes. The older pumps integrated with the CGM calibrated with every fingerstick. So if your CGM showed a double-down arrow and you wanted to do the fingerstick to see what was really happening, you’d screw up the calibration. The newer pumps (Veo, Revel) ask with each test if you want to use the value to calibrate.

Over time, I’m not sure if it’s a really big problem – does the CGMS look at all of the calibrations (and if 1 of 20 are bad its effect is negligible), or does it only look at the most recent one? Either way, it seemed important enough for Medtronic to change the pump interface, and to put a leaflet in the CGMS packaging saying to turn off the meter-link functionality.

I have the minimed 723 Paradigm pump and use the Onetouch Ultralink meter with it. I like it as it saves time and has been correct every time. After the meter reads your BG it will wirelessly send the number to your pump. My pump vibrates and asks if I want to calibrate my CGM with that number - Yes or no? (choose). Then you can press the “B” button and your BG value is already entered into the bolus screens. This eliminates arrowing up and down to get to the number, but you can still arrow up and down if you so choose. The rest of bolusing will be exactly the same.

Give it a try. It is easy to set up (or disconect) if you want to.

All previous CGM models used only the most recent calibration. I don’t know about the latest models.