Cost of Dexcom Seven Plus?

I am wondering what the cost of the Dexcom CGM (and the paraphenalia) is without any insurance coverage…


The link Jackie posted is very old. The price for the Dexcom is almost $1,000 - Dexcom has specials going on from time to time that you get that with a month’s worth of sensors. The cost for 4 sensors is about $350. I posted a link below for American Diabetes Wholesale - they tend to have very good prices on stuff. If you don’t have insurance, Dexcom sometimes works out a deal with you. The last I heard, people were paying about $325 a box cash price for sensors directly from Dexcom. I do know someone that recently asked and she was told $360 a box.

It is a good chart to compare features though.

Thank you very much.