Cost of Flash or CGM sensors/monitors possibly being covered in BC Canada?

Wow… the BC Ministry of Health is considering offering PharmaCare coverage for CGM sensors! They want patient feedback about how using Flash/CGM monitors has improved quality of life and heath. If you get a chance, do the survey (20 minutes)! How amazing it would be to get them covered by the govt!

Scroll to button “FGM and CGM” to read info, then click “patient survey”.
The devices included are:

  • Freestyle® Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring (FGM) System, by Abbott
  • Dexcom G6® Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System, by Dexcom
  • GuardianTM Connect CGM, by Medtronic
  • GuardianTM Sensor 3 + GuardianTM Link Transmitter, by Medtronic
  • EnliteTM Sensor + EnliteTM MiniLink Transmitter, by Medtronic

*complete the survey by Sept



Thanks for posting that! I hope that lots of folks respond!

While my G6 has been a lifer changer for me, I’m a US citizen so can’t participate … although I’d be happy to emigrate if Canada would have me. Having attended the 2010 Vancouver games probably won’t qualify me to take the survey either …

Best of luck …

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watching hockey in Canada should surely count for something!! =)

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