Cost of pumps

Hello everyone I have been having a rough time with my low sugar so I ask my doctor about the pump she wants me to get on it. One big problem my insurance is 5000 ded..I have not met that yet and the pump is more then 5 grand. My doctor did not have no samples her budget does not let her carry any. My question is I guess does anyone know how I can get help to get the pump? I have not started work yet cause I can be sitting down talking to some one and just fall asleep. Its very scary when this happens. I have dex com but that will not read if my numbers are over 200.
If any one knows anything about help please let me know..I cant seem to control this sugar...

Worried mom, try looking into some help on the patient resource page.

I first would consider changing diet and insulin to avoid low BG. I found the pump did not make a big difference for my control.

A pump isn't a magical solution to highs or lows. Fine tuning your bolus & basal is successful in taming numbers. You can also try lowering carbs. Smaller insulin doses correspond to less swings.

Look into Omnipods. They are a little different in Insurance coverage. You might end up cheaper starting with Omnipods.

I always carry 2 apple juice in those little boxes they come in , with me .... it is a VERY FAST ACTING sugar ... and within 15 min youll start to feel better again if yoiu have a low !