Cost of sensors

I'm calculating which coverage options to choose at a new job and I'm also thinking of pursuing using a sensor (stuck between the familiarity of Medtronic and the apparent betterness of Animas+Dexcom)

I'm curious to know the practical cost of both of these... and also adjusted for how long people *actually* leave them in, which I know varies from person to person.

I thought this would pop up in a google search but no luck so far.

I'm curious to know the practical cost of both of these

Could you elaborate a little further about what sort of feedback you are trying to get here?

It strikes me that this is a very subjective figure since it depends heavily on how much, if any, reimbursement you get for the sensors. And that in turn depends on the vagaries of insurance, no?


There have been a number of threads discussing this. I posted a spreadsheet estimating costs for self-funders. I am posting it again below FYI. The numbers for sensor life etc. are based on my experience of the Dexcom G4 and on the experiences of friends that use the Medtronic Enlites. The numbers are based on UK prices and are in £. You should be able to substitute US prices and $. I have assumed using an Animas Vibe as the receiver. If you go with a standalone receiver you would have to factor this in.

I used the opportunity of a pump replacement last year to switch from a Medtronic pump to an Animas Vibe. I get the pump free on the NHS, but they won't pay for CGM so the initial motivation for the change was the costs. However, I would never go back to the Medtronic Sensors as the Dexcom G4s are so much more accurate and reliable (in my experience at least). I have to admit I find the menu system on the Animas to be less user-friendly (more button presses are needed to do things like bolussing) but this is worth putting up with for the better performance. I reckon that the Dexcom sensors are within 10% of a fingerstick 95% of the time.


237-Sensorcosts.xlsx (11.3 KB)

I should have specified JUST the equipment itself.

Dexcom recommended sensor change = X per month OR practical sensor changes = X per month. + start up equipment cost = X

I may be able to get coverage but I'm not sure yet. Want to know how much it would save me etc

I found one article that got me to a ballpark of $2400 CAD per year if I push sensors to 8 days (which is apparently common?)

Can't give you prices in CAD but you can conservatively assume 14 days out of each Dexcom sensor. It's a bit variable. My last one only lasted 12 days but the other three in the batch each ran for 18. You will be doing well to get the Enlites to last more than 8 days.

Dexcom transmitters are warranteed for 6 months. I got a year out of my first one. The Medtronic transmitters are re-chargeable. I got 3 years out of my first one. If you use a Vibe you won't have to factor in the cost of a receiver.

My spreadsheet suggests around UK£1400 per year assuming 16 days out of each sensor. There's a little extra for tape and skin tac but the amount is trivial (the key to extending sensor life is to stick them down really well)