Cost of Tslim X2 pump with BCBS insurance in US

Hello, has anyone purchased the Tslim X2 insulin pump this year with Basal IQ with BCBS insurance coverage. I am trying to get an estimated cost after insurance coverage. My pump warranty will expire in a few months.


I would put a ballpark total insurance cost at $4500 with you paying your co-ins/co-pay/ded/whatever from that.

Plus or minus a few hundred.

I got my t:slim X2 and 90 days of supplies in December. Horizon BCBS (NJ) billed it as DME and the bill was $5400. Thankfully I only pay 10%.

Its going to depend on two things…the state your BCBS coverage is homed at, and the plan youre on. They arent all the same.

*speaking as an employee of BCBSAZ.

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What about BCBS of Illinois even though I live in another state. Will they cover the new Tsim pump, my old MiniMed 751 is cracked and slow, they don’t make this model anymore and it’s barely hanging on. It will be out of warranty in a few months.