Cost of Tslim X2 pump with BCBS insurance in US


Hello, has anyone purchased the Tslim X2 insulin pump this year with Basal IQ with BCBS insurance coverage. I am trying to get an estimated cost after insurance coverage. My pump warranty will expire in a few months.



I would put a ballpark total insurance cost at $4500 with you paying your co-ins/co-pay/ded/whatever from that.

Plus or minus a few hundred.


I got my t:slim X2 and 90 days of supplies in December. Horizon BCBS (NJ) billed it as DME and the bill was $5400. Thankfully I only pay 10%.


Its going to depend on two thingsā€¦the state your BCBS coverage is homed at, and the plan youre on. They arent all the same.

*speaking as an employee of BCBSAZ.