Costa Rica Travel with T1D kid

Hi All, I am new to this site, so please excuse me if I accidentally breach some protocol or another.

I am traveling with my 13 year old T1D son to Costa Rica next week. We will be staying in a pretty remote location (NOT a big resort). Aside from all the common sense stuff, I am wondering if anyone has experience traveling to and from Costa Rica. Did you have any problems coming and going through customs? Are there any no-nos regarding foods or whatever that I can travel with. Obviously, I know no fresh fruit, etc. I'm just looking to hear about your experience with Costa Rica. Thanks!

I haven't traveled there, but I'm sure you know you want to bring prescriptions for airport security, in case they hassle you about medications, syringes, or medical devices. Sometimes I am able to bring sandwiches through security, but often they throw them away, so its fast food or nothing.