Costs and sources for getting Dexcom sensors

For those of you who do not have insurance covering the costs of sensors, can you tell me what the average price is for sensors for the Dexcom CGM? I was told that a month's worth of sensors would be around $300, but now I've been told the cost is about $650 a month, which would be for four sensors.

It doesn't seem you can order them from Dexom directly? So, do you get them via your pharmacist?

Thanks for any responses.

I use Dexcom, and have insurance, but maybe I can help with some of your questions regarding monthly cost for sensors. It can vary !

Try to find out the cost per box of 4 - I thought it was about $350.

Each sensor is FDA approved for 7 days. But many folks get many more days, some have reported 21+ days. So you might estimate based on getting 10-14 days on average. You might also find you do ok by taking breaks between sensors, and not have one 100%. 1 box might end up lasting 2 months .

I get my sensors from Foundation Care, which is a pharmacy that does mail orders. On their webite ( foundcare ) sounds like they do handle orders w/o insurance. They have been very easy to work with.

Might check with EdgePark as well, not sure if they allow cash pay or not.
Here is a link for ebay. They sell them for $275 for a box of 4. Thought that might help. I don't use them myself, but was curious about how much they did charge for them as I thought about getting one.

I bought my Dexcom sensors OOP (in Illinois) for about eight months (from Sept2010 through May 2011) before I got insurance coverage. The price I was given was $319 per box of four sensors unless I agreed to buy at least six boxes in a twelve month period, which made the price $289 per box. They also included a box of sensors in my purchase of the system, and all orders had a $15 S&H charge. I wore the sensors for an average of 15 days each.

After three appeals I focused on finding an Ins. Co. that has a history of covering CGM's.
When I found the Ins. Co. I quickly realized the new company had better all-around coverage.
It's still a free country but you'd best hurry!