Could this be LADA?

I am appalled that more than 20 years after my own misdiagnosis, doctors are still so uninformed. Scary! We should not be having to educate them! What else are they ignorant about? And these are the people we are supposed to listen to and learn from? I am horrified! :roll_eyes:


At least you’re getting some answers. And they might not be the ones you expect. You’ve got this … one day at a time :slightly_smiling_face:

Horrified but certainly not surprised.

Here are 2 posts from @Melitta related to LADA tests.

And another link that Melitta referenced

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I’m back…

Got A1c results back last night…5.4!!!

I was really happy with that number was 5.7 exactly 3 1/2 months ago.

So what’s happening? Is this just the result of eliminating a huge amount of sugar and carbs from my diet? I started eating right the day I got my A1c of 5.7. I know I felt better immediately. The unquenchable thirst subsided somewhat. It lasted maybe 2 weeks, then I started dropping more weight and feeling crappy again-went to the dietician. I gained a little weight back but didn’t feel any better. Is this low A1c because my pancreas got a huge break? But now can’t keep up again? Using the calculation: HbA1c x 30 - 60 ( got this from Think like a pancreas) with the 10 days of data from my meter I came up with an A1c of 6.1.

The waiting for the results of the other tests is killing me…lots of anxiety!

C-peptide result 1.2 …normal range .8-3.5

Other tests are not back yet…

Most LADA have c-peptide in range, although a bit low, depending upon how early they are dx’d. T2s usually have c-peptide above the normal range as their pancreas tries to overcome the inefficiency of their body’s insulin with excess quantity.


Your symptoms sound exactly like mine and I also went through 2 years of misdiagnosis. Long story short I graduated nursing school at 54. Went to new PCP and he diagnosed type 2 diabetes and told me to pick up metformin. I told him no thanks would try diet. Met and endo at hospital. Says I have type2 and started Avandia. Didn’t help. Am 5’7” weighed 110. Went off travel nursing read every book I could find on diabetes and started myself on insulin. (Purchased in Mexico). Came back and new endo was horrified that I did not know I was a type 1. Then I found info on LADA and fast forward now weigh 123. Pretty strict low carb/Keto type diet. A1c is 5.6. Wear a pump and Dexcom CGM. Disease still a royal pain but am doing ok. So keep on investigating until you find the right answer for you. Oh just had a cardio doc tell me no such thing as adult type 1. Bahaha. This site is the bomb.


I don’t get why it is such a fight to get a diagnosis! I love this site too! I’ve learned so much.

Got insulin free & total result tonight. I have no idea what it means…is it good or bad?

Insulin free: 6
Range 3-19

Insulin Total: 6
Range 3-19

Not sure about these tests, they are not referenced in @Melitta blogs, posts.

Typically the tests look for evidence of autoimmune attack. In early stages, LADAs still produce some insulin, but not enough. Were your blood tests drawn after meal, or fasting?

I think they did the wrong tests.



I’ve never heard of that test either. I believe the internet says it’s another test for insulin production.

The C peptide you had tells you how much insulin you are making. The higher than normal or maybe even the high end means your body is making extra insulin to compensate for type 2 insulin resistance. When you are on the low end, it is still normal but might show a decrease starting. When you first start LADA you still make insulin so you can test in the normal range, eventually it drops to almost nothing or nothing.

A GAD test and a couple of other antibody test tell if you are making antibodies that attack your beta cells. If any of those are positive it would be a type 1 diagnosis. There are a few people that don’t test positive for the antibodies but don’t make insulin either, making them a type 1 too. A much more unusual form. The only way to know if that happens is a later test to see if the c-peptide keeps dropping,

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I don’t know the answer to your question but when I switched to a low carb diet I dropped from 115lb to 100lbs. My doctor suggested that I increase my fat intake so I started eating more avocados, nuts and seeds. I am at 109 now. 5’4”.