Do you remember where you were twenty years ago? Twenty years ago....1993....It seems at once both long ago and as if it were yesterday.

Twenty years ago, I was twenty six. I had received my M.A. in general psychology in December, having finished my thesis on reading comprehension and the "rapid serial visual presentation" technique (you know those flashing signs you see on the road? That's rapid serial visual presentation and research like mine helped show that people could grasp messages presented in that format). I was working toward a PhD in educational psychology, studying reading comprehension and math. I'd also been tired for several months, but I thought it was simply because I had worked day and night on my thesis for nearly one year, reading, writing, gathering data, testing subjects, defending my ideas -- all completed faster than my peers -- and because I'd moved three times in a matter of two months. Seems reasonable, huh? When I'd flown home for the Christmas holidays, I was feeling pretty awful, but again, I attributed it to the pressure I'd been under. When I returned to school after New Years, it was apparent to me I was very ill, since I couldn't stop coughing. Still, I persisted and went to classes. I'd also been selected to become a teaching assistant, and started work along with a full courseload. I tried to keep up, but when you're running to the restroom every hour, falling asleep at your desk, and not getting up for classes until 10 minutes before class begins, it's kind of hard to keep up.

On this date 20 years ago, I was unaware of the fact that I had diabetes. It would be 28 more days from this date that I would be diagnosed, that my life would change. It's got me in a very reflective mood lately, as the countdown has begun.


Angela...I too have just recently celebrated 20 years!! Cheers!

Approaching 18. It's a life changer, all right. I look upon almost everything differently now. And many of those paradigm shifts are good ones, actually.

I am coming up on my 20 yrs in a few days! I was 22 and was in the Military living in the DC area and getting ready to go to college. I remember being sick over the Christmas Holiday as well when I drove home to see my mother. Our stories are pretty similar. Do you remember what your blood sugar was when you were diagnosed?