Coupon for freestyle Libre

I am looking for suggestions of a coupon to get a Freestyle Libre. Any suggested sites would be appreciated. I have Osco and Walgreens for cash pharmacy. Thank you for any help. Nancy50

Did you try to call Abbot? Sometimes they have coupons they issue for it to be cheaper. They are usually limited on many they give out or sometimes it’s just for new users or sometimes just for people upgrading. And sometimes they will put you on a list for when they will issue coupons next.

Otherwise Costco, but as a Costco member and then being on their pharmacy program. Or Good RX had I think the same low price and I just heard someone say they were getting them pretty cheap through Walgreens.

Thank you,I am talking to me endocrinologist early March and will proceed from there. Appreciate the help. Thanks,Nancy50