Cous cous recipes?

I was really happy to learn that durum wheat cous cous is low GI, but I’m concerned about using butter to make it. Does anyone have any lower fat ways to make cous cous? I’ve heard that it’s delicious when made with orange juice, but I don’t want to add more carbs if possible.

I really like this recipe from Gourmet magazine for lemon couscous with spinich and dill (click here). Sorry I don’t have a carb count on it. It’s a make-ahead too!

Oooh, that sounds fabulous. I’ve heard that adding lemon juice and vinegar lowers the GI, so I bet that adding lemon juice to cous cous would be a good thing. Thanks!

I love cous cous! I add veggies, chicken, garlic, and parmesan.

Use olive oil instead of butter. I personally like curried cous cous with currants. However this falls into my starchy carb category and therefore I resist eating it. Cous cous is just bead like pasta that wreaks havoc on my BG.

Sometimes I make it with vegetable or low-fat chicken broth, and skip added butter or fat. Then I mix it into marinated veggie salads or mix in leftovers or whatever.

I was flicking through the info my dietician gave me again yesterday, and she had listed lemon juice as a “free food” - meaning I don’t have to worry about the carb content. Yay!

I bet the carb content of cous cous is similar to durum wheat pasta and rice. In which case, 1/2 a cup = 15 g = 1 serving. I should test that out some time.

Thanks for all the great ideas.