Covid-19 video how it progresses in lungs

I found this interesting, but may not be for everyone. Very detailed white board illustration by a doctor.



Very explanatory. The best I’ve seen to show what it does.

I just wish he wouldn’t use the language he does. He can get the point across without it and I hate to send it my mom in law etc with the language on it.

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Here’s one you can send to your mom

A Pulmonary Pathologist’s Perspective on ARDS & COVID-19 - YouTube


Thanks @Jimi63 !

My exact thoughts. I didn’t need to learn about pimps and toilets.

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I’m gonna post link to best ever flu resources for everyone who just cant get enough flu. I credit my dad for finding it…and I think Jim might have pulled this video from there. You gotta dig, but its incredible how they rebuilt the 1918 flu. They have info on every flu there.

from Tim Noakes (Twitter) … A very special young physician @cameronks who saw what others had seen, but thought what (almost) no one else had thought. For his bravery in speaking out, he was forced out of the intensive care unit in which he was then working. What happens to those who challenge orthodoxy.

New pathology - COVID-19 does not progress to ARDS but rather lack of oxygen across the body is more akin to hypoxemia (altitude sickness) - also fatal, but with a completely different treatment protocol than ARDS. Well worth the read: