Covid Vaccine - are you getting it?

Yes for me as a T-1, with other risk factors. Talked with my docs and a couple of local pharmacists. I am satisfied it’s the smart thing to do. I got the first part of the vaccine this morning, no problems.


Looks like seniors age 65+ in Oregon will start receiving Covid-19 vaccinations on January 23, according to Governor Kate Brown.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown is speeding up the schedule for expanding COVID-19 vaccine access to everyone 65 and older as well as to childcare providers and K-12 teachers and staff.

The federal government announced on Tuesday that it is releasing the full supply of vaccine doses to states rather than holding some back and lowering the eligibility age to 65.

Brown responded Tuesday evening by announcing that Oregonians 65 and older and people who work in schools and early learning facilities can begin receiving doses on Jan. 23.

Hope this is even close to being true.


Hi Marilyn. I’ve used clove oil topically for a toothache in the past. Worked well :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey earthling, working well here. Very happy that 65 yr olds will soon be up for vaccinations.

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I appreciate your concern about Thimerosal and I also try to ensure I get vaccines that do not contain Thimerosal or any other types of excessive adjuvants. I also do the same for my pets and get preservative free non-adjuvanted rabies vaccines for them.

That being said, neither of the two vaccines currently available have Thimerosal as one of their ingredients. The reason they have to be kept at such a cold temperature is because they do not have preservatives such as Thimerosal in them.

Anyway, I hope you find the reassurance you need soon that these vaccines are a safer risk than getting COVID19.


Sally, I think this is very much how I feel 'I am very tired of depending on others around me to do their part; many are not". I hope you are able to get the vaccination soon.

I was somewhat leery of the vaccines when they were first announced but decided to find out as much as I could about the processes involved and how it works. That research reassured me greatly. The process and technique are not ‘new’ but are, in fact, well tested; the science makes sense and how it works also makes sense. The only thing we haven’t had time to determine yet just because there has not been enough time passed, is the long term effects. I am not willing to wait the years required with the continual risk of COVID19 to bring in that additional information. Enough is known about the effectiveness and safety of these vaccines now that I can make a decision for me. I decided that when the vaccine became available, I would take it.

Georgia announced on Dec 31 that it was adding Seniors over 65, police, firemen and EMTs to their 1a) category and would start vaccinating them effective Jan. 11th. I found out our local health district would be offering vaccinations and so called (and kept redialing for several hours until I got through!) for an appointment. My husband and I got our first Moderna vaccine on Tuesday, Jan. 12th. It was the most painless vaccination I have ever had. A few hours later my upper arm started to feel mildly achy like when you overwork a muscle but it never got worse than that. There was some minor swelling at the injection site but in less than 24 hours after the injection all side effects had gone. My husband had even less effects than I did. I am type 1 with 2 comorbidities; my husband is type 2 with 1 comorbidity.

We have been taking it very safe but as was mentioned above I am very tired of having to depend on others to do their part in keeping people safe as so many of them patently are not. So, for me, my risk assessment said that the potential risks from this vaccine are far less than the known risks from COVID19, which would quite probably kill me or leave my body so badly scathed that life afterwards would be a continual hardship. I have too many people I know who were healthy and happy before they got COVID 19 who are now ‘long haulers’ and do not know if they will ever get a healthy life back again.

I am happy I was able to get vaccinated as early as I have and look forward to getting my second dose early February.


@CJ114 I am also in MA. May I ask who you are coordinating with on vaccine timetable? Will you schedule for vaccination via your PCP or endo or directly with the drug store / chain store? None of this is clear to me yet! Many thanks! Jessica

Hi Jessica:

I have a patient relationship with Joslin, Beth Israel and my PCP. Beth Israel has the vaccine as they actually developed one of the vaccines in conjunction with Johnson & Johnson so I expect to hear from them first. They have notified me that I can expect instructions within the next few days on how to get it from them. Joslin sent me a notification that they do not have the vaccine and don’t know if or when they will get a batch for their patients. They received some for their staff only. My PCP I have heard nothing and is totally worthless beyond giving a referral when required.

All things being equal, I would just go to Walgreens to get the shot(s) but believe I will be able to get it several weeks earlier from Beth Israel. Beth Israel has implied that they plan to make the vaccine available for Phase 2 patients starting in the first few days of February and will give it in the order specified by the commonwealth. They have been vaccinating Phase 1 staff and patients.

Hope this helps.

It was my understanding that the Johnson and Johnson vaccine has not been released yet.

True - The J & J is expected to be released in Feb 2021. Beth Israel, does have vaccine beyond J & J so I expect they will have both large amounts of vaccine available and tremendous knowledge from their development as well.

I’m reading statements from Oregon governor, Kate Brown, today that the expected shipments of Covid vaccines expected to arrive on 1/23 will not, in fact, arrive. This make the Oregon policy decision to vaccinate seniors and teachers from that allotment untenable.

Kate Brown news conference this afternoon at 2 pm PT. I feel I’m being toyed with!

Washington Post headline:

Vaccine reserve already exhausted when Trump administration vowed to release it, dashing hopes of expanded access

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@CJ114 thanks for this info. I got the Joslin letter as well (I see them for eyes only) and have an MGH r’ship, but b/c I also live partially in Maine, I may stick with trying to source the vaccine there when it’s time. It seems like the rollout is just more organized and easier to follow there. The news today about the undersupply is a punch in the gut. Jessica

Finally! I thought the ADA was late to this issue. JDRF was all over it since mid December but ADA just got on board this week as far as I know. The feds need to follow the science and update their co morbidity list. The states will hopefully follow suit and quickly.


I’m going to pass on the vaccine unless I’m tied down and given it forcibly. I worked for a number if years in medical research for new drug approvals and I have grave mistrust in the approval process in the US. Maybe two years from now I will change my mind. But there is a study called rhe ferret study that says it all for me. Ferrets did great in the vaccine trials but when they were expossd to the “wild” virus, they all died.

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@Rob5 Can you share the title of the ferret study you are referring to? At the suggestion of another member on a different forum, I recently read “The Cutter Incident: How America’s First Polio Vaccine Led to the Growing Vaccine Crisis” and found it all very fascinating.

I am in Florida right now, and their roll-out is rather sad. The healthcare workers and nursing home folks were first, and that was fine. But now the second group is “anyone over age 65.” Who is our Governor kidding? That accounts for the majority age group of this state in the winter time!! I am saddened that the next group does not include the firefighters, police, teachers, postal employees, and other essential workers as the second group; however, since I am offered the vaccine, I will take it. The registration system here in Florida crashed, so they just spent 3 million dollars contracting with a new system. My husband would check the website 10 times a day to see if they had opened it for the next batch of doses. Finally, at 10:00 on this past Friday morning (Jan. 15) they opened the site. He got on one computer and I got on another since you can only register for yourself. We made the first dose appointment, but by the time we clicked two screens later to get the second appointment, we both received the message that the first appointment time had filled without us. We did that twice. Finally, I said, “Let’s choose a date far down the list that has lots of spots open.” We did that and were able to make both the first and second dose appointments. The site opened at 10:00 a.m., and all 10,000 doses were reserved by 11:05. So to anyone who is in Florida, register (if you can) at CDR Health Pro’s web site, and then BOOKMARK it on your computer. Check it 10 times a day until it opens up once again. Then quickly choose a date and time down the list, and you will have a chance of getting in if you want the vaccine. We get our first on Jan. 25 and our second on Feb. 15. I am immune-suppressed, but the doctors at Mayo Clinic, my endocrinologist, and my rheumatologist ALL said, “Get the vaccine as soon as you can.” My husband and I will be getting the Pfizer vaccine.

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There have already been a million doses given world wide.
There have not been any mass death on the scale of dead ferrets.
Actually the bad reactions to these vaccines has been far smaller than the average.
However we really don’t know how well it will actually work in the real world.
I think the real risk is that we go back to normal and the vaccine doesn’t work as we hoped.
Small price to pay.
I’m scheduled for feb 15 toget mine. I just hope there is supply avail by then.


Sorry guys, but this is scary. But you should know if you are over 75.

The link won’t work for the Bloomberg article, but if you punch in 29 die in Norway from Pfizer Covid vaccine it will bring up the Bloomberg article. That’s the most up to date. Everyone had serious other conditions.