Cozmore Extension Software

Well it took 5 months but we started pumping a few hours ago. I just installed the software and found out that the Cozmore extension software is not available for download. You can have it mailed to you, its free, just $10 for shipping and handling. Before I spend the $10 does anyone know if there is someone who has posted the software for download somewhere?

I am sure there will be more questions as we adjust his basal rates the next 48 hours.

It is actually considered a prescription item, so they are not authorized to distribute it online right now. I think it’s a stupid policy, personally.

What kind of Extension Software is it? I was not told about it. Software upgrades are supposed to be free.

The Software is for computer use… not an actual pump upgrade.

Can’t be downloaded… your MD office should have it though… if not call your CoZmore Sales Rep, they have them too.


It allows you to use Abbott’s CoPilot software for logging your data. CoPilot cannot support CozManager 2.0 without it. Or at least that’s why I requested the software extension. It arrived very quickly by mail (2 days maybe) and I didn’t have to pay any shipping or handling, actually.

Thanks everyone, I am being a bit impatient. it took us so long to get this thing and we live so far a way from everyone that I hate to think that I have to wait longer to get it all working. However a few days is not that long for it to be mailed and we are doing our clinic visit in two days. I am sure that they have a copy.