Cracks in the 670g

Have any Medtronic users experienced cracks or breakage of the newer pumps? I’ve used Medtronic for nearly 20 years and it seems as if the plastic used on my 670 is just crap. The 670 looks trendy and sleek but I fear that the push to put it on the market resulted in poor engineering. I was changing the reservoir this morning and simply screwed the cap off and the top edge of the pump broke off. Of course Medtronic is replacing but any tips on how to keep this cheap plastic from turning into an Easter egg is certainly appreciated. :angry:

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Over the years, I’d venture a guess that between my wife and I, we’ve had no less than 5 cracked 5xx pumps. Also, a long time ago, the 2 tiny tabs on the tubing connector that goes into the pump wouldn’t break off if I removed it 2-3 times, when I’d take a close look at remaining insulin in the reservoir. After a few years of doing that, the plastic quality dropped and those tabs began breaking off after 1 or 2 removals. the first few times it happened, I reported it, and was sent replacement sets. after doing that a few times, I realized the issue was going to be permanent and stopped calling to complain about the brittle plastic.

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I’ve been using Medtronic pumps for about nine years. Dropped several on the tile floor and never experienced any cracks.

My first was a Revel and it seemed to be the same quality as my current 670 G. I remove my reservoir quite often and never experienced a problem.

I use the silicone wrap on the outside and my current 670g is about 2 years old. No cracks.

Note: I am a Medtronic ambassador. My opinions are my own. They did not pay me to say nice things about Medtronic devices or the company. OK, they sent me a shirt and a cup but even I am more expensive than that.

Did the older 5xx pump not have menu status screen for remaining insulin. I started with 507, but don’t remember removing cartridge except to replace with new filled cartridge.

Yes but it is faster to look at the resevoir than scroll so far down the screen

It takes four clicks to get to Reserve status.

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that’s 4 clicks more than I need to pop the reservoir out, see how much is left, and pop it back in. :slight_smile: