Crappy numbers!

still experiencing these crappy numbers. high 200’s and feeling so sick and guilty. i follow my normal low carb high fat diet and always always cover for my meals. times like this are so discouraging, i don’t know what to do. i already increased my lantus dose 4 untis for the past few days, nothing seems to be helping. even running! i am scared to up my dose any higher because of all these things about lantus and weight gain. help :frowning:

Weight gain is a minor problem compared to your long term health. As you said in a different post, you are just in the process of switching from a pump to syringes (or pens), you may be stressed, you may be reacting to hormones or an infection.

If that is you in the photo then I would think that you could quite easily carry a few extra pounds and still look good with it. It is, as I am sure you are aware, dangerous to mess around with your blood sugar levels simply out of vanity. Get that lantus in if you need it!