Crazy Fate


I want to give you my dilemma and see if you have any advice.

Today my Palm z22 that is paired with my Accu-Chek Spirit died. I called Pump Support and they informed me they would send me another one over night delivery but since it’s July 4th no carrier would deliver it on Saturday. I have been using this device since Day One since I started using the pump and I have no idea how to calculate my boluses or treat a high etc etc. I guess you could say I have become extremely dependent on this little plastic palm device. I am trying to download the software called Accu-Chek Compass but I’m not sure if that will even help since I can’t sync my Palm. I’m curious if this has happened to anyone else and what they did…or if anyone has any ideas on how I can treat these bloodsugars and take enough insulin to cover the food I eat. Otherwise I will just be starving myself until monday in fear of rocking the boat so to speak.

Thanks for any advice :smiley:

Sorry to hear about this-- do you know your ratios?

Like what is your carb ratio, sensitivity factor, …

I think my doctor says it’s 8g per carb ? As in take 1 unit per 8g of carbs I eat.

There is an excel sheet that you can use here to help you calculate your boluses, click here. Perhaps you can call your doctor if there are any ratios that you don’t know.

Hope this helps! And that your new one comes soon :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t stop eating completely, just take small amounts of insulin and small amounts of food. You will be ok I hope. As Kristin says as long as you know you’re carb ratios, it shouldn’t spike too much. Good to see you back again.

I use this system too, but it seems half the time I am out of the house, I forget to take the Palm with me. I have to figure it out in my head. My carb ratio is 1:9 in the AM, and 1:15 for dinner, and correction is 1 unit for every 50 I want to go down. 1:8 sounds like a reasonable ratio. good luck with the new Palm, and remember to charge it up often, like every other day.

Besides your carb ratio you also need to know your correction factor - how many units of insulin to take to bring your BG down to the normal range if you weren’t eating anything. The typical factor for people who start using insulin is 1 unit for each 50 BG points above ‘normal.’ (‘Normal’=the BG number you want to achieve.) The ratio gets adjusted over time.

So to calculate your bolus, first calculate your correction factor. Then calculate your carbs. Add them together, that’s your bolus.

For future use: Your software probably has a feature that lets you download these settings. The carb ratio is probably called “carb ratio.” The correction my be called “correction” or “sensitivity”. Download these settings, print them up and keep a copy somewhere. If you can’t download them, you can read them from your Palm device (when it’s repaired and reprogrammed.) Look at them and write them down and keep a copy somewhere.

In fact, if you have any downloads or printouts of your data available, you might be able to find these settings.

You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much I’m going to check out the bolus spreadsheet now

you rock the casbah!