Crazy Hungry

So this question will probably seem pretty silly to most, but do you have episodes of getting crazy hungry? For instance, eating three dinners in five hours? Lately, I have had this happen regardless of the number of carbs per meal. I am fairly small, but some days I eat more in a few hours than I used to eat in a whole day!

I know excessive hunger is a common symptom of diabetes, but my numbers don’t appear to be changing despite the crazy food episodes.

Have you become more active lately? Maybe you need to replace more calories?

I always get really hungry when I am high. (Wow outside of a diabetes forum that sentence just sounds wrong!)

What are you numbers before & after eating? Are you losing weight?

Excessive hunger is a symptom of diabetes, but other things can cause this also. Grave’s Disease (hyperthyroidism) can be a cause of extreme hunger, some meds can cause this, too.

Have you contacted your doctor?

Nice! I needed a giggle with all the stuff going on right now. Nope, no change in activity. No change in anything really aside from these weird hunger episodes. They don’t happen every day. Thank goodness!!! But, they do happen 1-3 times a week lately.

o be honest, I don’t always test before meals. (I am on metformin.) When the crazy hunger happens, my bg is usually between 110-170 after eating. Sorry for the large range. I don’t think the meds are working especially because I altered my diet to 15-30g carbs per meal. I reduce that number when the crazy hunger happens.

I have an appointment with 2 endos in January. I have tried telling my current endo and my PCP about what is going on, but they don’t seem that concerned. I am working on seeing a new endo (hence the 2 appointments in Jan.)

After I started the metformin and changed my diet, I lost 10 lbs. It seems to have leveled off right now, but I am keeping an eye on it. I don’t gain weight from the hunger fits, which I would think would happen.

I have Hashimotos. As of 2 months ago, I was within normal range. I am beginning to question that though because I have started sleeping 10-12 hours again (my primary symptom at diagnosis).

Well… It really isn’t the number of carbs that controls how sated you feel. It’s things like adding appropriate amounts of fiber, protein and fat. Those things are MORE important for feeling satisfied than just plain adding carbohydrates to a meal. This is why we get so hungry after eating Chinese, pasta, cereals, and other carbohydrate focused foods.

Have you had your Type clarified? With weight loss and having another autoimmune disorder, you may not be Type 2 at all which would explain your lack of control.

What Zoe said.

Hunger can be driven by a number of things. It is throught that insulin itself drives hunger, if you eat carbs, you have a peak of insulin and that peak when your glucose drops makes you hungry. It may be that after your meal, your insulin is high and driving your hunger.

But hunger is also driven by other things. There is thinking that the hypothalamus is at the center of things and that the hormones leptin and ghrelin drive hunger. I will say that many people find that the content of their meals is important to controlling after meal hunger and that protein and fat in your meal keep you from being hungry. One way in which diabetes messes with you is that your hypothalamus messes up, becoming insulin resistant and not controlling your blood sugar and hunger properly. I actually think that this is one of the things that causes people with Type 2 to gain weight. Just my theory tho.

You should get checked to get a more specific diagnosis tho as others have suggested.