Crazy Lows, Crazy Highs...I'm going a bit CRAZY!

LOL I love it… Ryan are you having periods? :slight_smile: ducks smack

Hormones Ryan???

I know you are really frustrated by all of this variability. There are several possibilities that I can think of and it may not be any one of them. 1) Gastroparesis would be one possibility but it seems very soon after diagnosis for it to be autonomic neuropathy. 2). You may have had a honeymoon period where there was still just enough beta cell function to help with some of the balancing mechanisms to help prevent the wide variability that you are experiencing now. 3) Another option is that many people with type 1 diabetes may also have Celiac Sprue which is another autoimmune disease involving a gluten intolerance. You may want to consider being tested for this. The treatment is a very expensive gluten free diet, but by becoming completely gluten free may solve a lot of problems if the cause is Celiac. Sorry that none of these possibilities is good news but sometimes knowing what the problem is even if it is bad so that it can be fixed is better than not knowing. Hope this helps.

gotcha, I think I remember reading somewhere that the heat affects bg :frowning:

nice hawethorne heights reference jackie :slight_smile:

actually no, I’m using my usual abdominal sites, I only inject in my legs or arms on days I don’t work out which bascially is only on the weekend

mmmmm bacon.

yep mdi you guys are right :slight_smile:

yeah i’ve been testing 10-12 times a day since this started :frowning: my fingers are not happy with me!

thanks for the input :slight_smile: I’ll mention it to my doc next month when I go in for bloodwork :wink:

haha omg but i do have eight younger sisters so maybe i’m just having sympathy hormones haha

thanks for the heads up :slight_smile: i’m seeing my doc on the 14th next month so I’ll ask him to run some more tests :slight_smile:

LOL to number 4!

It can be caused by a number of things, including damage to the vagus nerve which controls stomach emptying.

/love diabetes

I found that being in direct sun will increase insulin response and also (this is strange) if you eat fish with omega – 3 in it you will drop the day after you eat it significantly. To the point where I don’t even give insulin if it’s a low carb meal.
It sounds like you are on shots and for me it was just too difficult to control

Lots of protein usually gives me a run for my money but usually much later than the two hour post meal check. I’ve been having to futz with my pump settings though…since I’m more active with work and nicer weather. Hopefully you get it all figured out soon…before it changes again…ehm.

I’ve been having weird highs and lows these past three days too. I usually have fantastic control (especially this last month- my numbers were SPOT ON!) but the past three days I’ve been all over the place, injecting extra for corrections etc.

It really does just happen. I blame this time, for me, on life-stress. But having crazy numbers certainly doesnt HELP with the stress situation! haha.

Hang in there.

Gastroparesis doesn’t usually happen in an individual who has only been diagnosed for 2 years. ?? The pump, where you can do a dual square wave bolus helps as it only gives you some insulin right away and gives the rest gradually over time. You can set it to what you want. The CGM helps incredibly because you can see it rise and fall…

thanks :slight_smile: it’s driving me crazy for sure!