Crazy numbers. anyone got any ideas

I’m a dawn phenomenon person and woke up today at. 6.3 (113). I took my Metformin and then the day went pear-shaped. One of my dogs ended up having surgery and is now still in hospital. In addition I had to drive a 100 mile round trip in heavy traffic. Somewhere along the line, I didn’t get any food or take any more medication. I tested my blood when I got home at 7;30pm. The sugar number was 6.1(110) How can that have happened unless the distress of the sick dog and the driving did it?

Sorry to hear about your dog. I am not sure what might have happened, but my blood sugar has done that before as well. I know stress can affect you big time. The day my dog had surgery my blood sugar was all over the place.

The dog is 13 years old and blind and has had to have surgery for breast cancer. she had 4 tumours, Post operatively, she started to bleed slightly., which is why she’s had to stay in hospital. The vet thinks she’s pulled on one of the sutures and it’s not serious, but he’s taking no chances. He’s my brother, so he knows how much I love her. That’s also why I had to do the dreadful journey, because I took her to him rather than a local vet. The M25 which goes round the outside of London is the busiest road in the world I think. I had to queue about 3 miles just to get off it. I have eaten now, but I’m still stressed. In addition to all else, my husband is away on business, so I’m alone with the other animals. The cats are missing “Daddy”