Crisp bread pizza - low in carbs / fat

I had this hankering for a pizza - but couldn’t afford the time/$$$ to drive back to Ottawa (where I grew up) - and have a pizza at my fav joint there (can’t seem to find any good pizza places here in Montreal - we have everything else but that). So, I decided to make up something fast and easy (and this is so easy - a child could do it - wait that’s me).

Most of us love pizza - I know I do. The thing is, it’s high in carbs along with fat that it’s something I don’t eat too much of except when we go home to Ottawa and pay a call in at KS Restaurant on Albion/Bank (we’ve been going there for over 30 years). They make a thick airy crispy crust along with loads of cheese and other fresh ingredients.

Seeing as it’s a 2 hour drive to get there and I was feeling hungry (well - it was lunch time). I decided to go and make up a grilled cheese sandwich. Big problem - only bread I had available was in freezer, still not defrosted for this weeks lunches (I make my own bread once a week)…

Click on this link to read the rest of my dribbles (and recipe directions - 1, 2,3, and it’s done).