Crisp Pears with lemon juice in Summertime

I am really enjoying eating cool crisp foods during the sweltering heat we’ve had here in Austin these past few weeks.

A quick and yummy snack to cool you off and is refreshing is sliced pear drizzled with lemon juice. I like crisp pears.
A medium, chilled pear is approx 26 grams of carbs, 96 calories, adds potassium to the body, and provides approx 5 grams of fiber which we all need.

Peel a medium firm pear, divide into quarters vertically, cut out inner core, then slice into thin but firm “chips” to give you that crunch.
Squeeze fresh lemon juice over pears. Sprinkle a scant amount of cinnamon if desired.

Enjoy solo, next to lowfat yogurts, with cottage cheese for protein, and my favorite: topped over a mixed green roasted chicken salad.