Crummy day

I got some of the chocolate shakes. they’re ok not as good as the vanilla ones I had. I also got the meal bars. no that good. it makes me want to drink milk since its peanut butter and chocolate. I’m sick, I have a cold. since I’m sick my sugars are really high crazy high. they havent been this high since I was diagnosed. it pissed me off so much!!! today I was rushing to get things done and I went to the Burger king drive through by northway mall. oh my lord!!! we were stuck for like 30 mins!! could leave since there was a car infront and car behind me. when we got to the window they double checked our order because they werent sure what I ordered. another 10 mins later I said I just wanted my money back. I’m late at this point and I still haven t eatten. I’m ticked! the people at the drive through cant find my order so they dont know what they own me. GRRRRRR!!! so I remember I have one of the glucerna bars in my bag. cool. that’ll do. I check my sugar and its finally normal 90ish. I get my insulin bag and oh no. no insulin. I forgot it at home!!! GRRRRR!!! so I eat the bar anyway. afterways my sugar was 150 or so. I’m so upset by this. I know its because I’m sick and my numbers are higher when I’m sick but DAMN! “technically” my numbers havent been all that bad. I have jumped more than 50 pts at a time and most but 1 have been under the 180 after meals I was told to shoot for but I’m use to WAY lower numbers. no more than 140. so yes in short I’m ticked. I was told I had to wait until my cold was better before I could get my flu shot. Doug and K got theirs already. if I’m not feeling better by monday I’m going to call my DR. how is everyone else. oh yes so since my number was so high for dinner I took 7 units of Humalog instead of my usual 5 and ate no carbs. I had eggs with little peices of balogna mixed in (yeah I gotta go grocery shopping) with orange crystalight. I feel crummy oh so crummy.