So i know atleast one person who reads this has been on crutches. So i have a question…

I was on crutches yesterday for 7 hours straight. Now my arms hurt really bad and is bruised.

Has this ever happend to anyone else and if it has how long does it take to get better?

What happened Anna? Why are you using crutches? Joanne

Welll my ankel has been bugging me and they are trying arch suports but they were making my ankel hurt worse and yesterday my ankel popped and i couldnt walk on it… So i was on crutches. But i went to the foot doctor yesterday and they made custom arch supports and we are trying those but if they dont work i have to have surgury on both feet and they will have to cut ligament and do skin graphs

So sorry to hear this Anna. I hope the new supports work for you. How are you managing to get around at school? Joanne

I had crutches once, it was like the 2nd to the last day of our vacation, I went for a walk and rolled my ankle horribly, like a mile and a half from the hotel, fell hard walked back a bloody mess. It swelled up a lot but we blew off the ER b/c we were leaving anyway but I got some crutches. I think that it would take a few days to get “crutch muscles” in shape?

OUCH! Sorry to hear this. Must be more difficult for women because we don’t have the upper body strength of men. Arnica ointment is great for bruising & soreness. Also helps with swelling from acute inflammation & also good for insect bites. You can get it at any health food store.

Hope you don’t have to have surgery. Please get a second opinion.

haha mark. No biys didnt pay attention… they never pay attention to me. And my mom bought crutches at the store so i learned how to use them on my own at school

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