Cure maybe

what do you think of stem cell treatment . saw a few video’s about it sound’s like it could help. what do you think and what would cost be . and has any one tried it?

I would urge extreme caution on any cure treatments being offered today.


I am using okra water. I feel better already.


As far as I know stem cell / beta cell implantation is in the research and trial stages. There has only been one successful islet cell transplantation- Jason Turner who has been off insulin for about 10 years now I think- he had two before it was successful. As far as I know he is the only type 1 to ever get off insulin. I agree caution is a good idea with stem cells because we don’t know what the effects may be.

I bought bitter melon today, only problem is I don’t know what to do with it to cure myself.

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I have been smoking mine. It is difficult to keep lit, however, so I am using it my nighttime vaporizer. So far the only side effect is this long vine growing out of my ears. But my cousin says that will go away in 10-15 years.


Be sure to nip any flowers out of your vine as the bitter melon looks a bit like a cucumber with spikes - could be painful…

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Damn no wonder I have these sharp pains on the side of my head.

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