Cured today, I would

I’m curious, there is a lot of talk on here abaout food and restrictions and getting around some things.

So I wondered if I was cured today, would my eating habits change?

I developed my eating habits for 2 reasons, over all health, and diabetes. The kind of go hand in hand.

If I were cured today, I would eat pizza once in a while and I would eat Chinese food otherwise not much difference

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I love to eat and I know I would eat much less healthy and greater amounts if I were not Diabetic. It would just be too easy and too tempting to find a frequent excuse to overindulge, especially as I get older and food is an important part of social gatherings so as the extended family grows in size, I could easily see myself getting into trouble.

So could I be cured and also lose the heart stents? I would eat a bear claw. It would probably taste way too sweet though.

Oh, and also a grilled cheese made with cheddar with tomato and grilled onion on sourdough. Also a plate of spaghetti with browned butter and mizithra cheese. Not on the same day. :grin:

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You can be cured of heart stents if your heart stents came from diabetes, otherwise no in this fantasy

For me, not much change. But I would enjoy having more money to go out more often and let someone else do the cooking and not worry about insulin dosing.

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Yep, I totally blame them on food, myself and diabetes. Without diabetes I wouldn’t have needed stents.

For starters, A large Orange Crush Soda.

Potatoes, sushi, chocolate cake, French fries, pizza, Hagen Daaz ice cream, toast, French bread, cotton candy, peanut chews, and thats for starters. The problem I would gain weight…

But the sweet stuff would taste toooooo sweet.

I would eat all the carbs. A huge chunk of my sister’s homemade chocolate fudge cake with thick chocolate icing. Apple fritters. Fresh baked white bread with butter. Warm apple pie a la mode. Milkshakes and ice cream with lots of cookie dough.

Even as I’m typing that out, I feel gross just thinking about what would happen if I ate all those things now. I can’t even imagine it. Feeling grumpy and yucky after eating sweets makes them easy to avoid. That’s what people don’t get when they say I have “self-control” for not eating the cake with literal candy bars sticking out of the frosting. It’s not self-control to avoid doing things that make you miserable later.

Fun post, though! A girl can dream.

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Peanut Butter Parfait.

I have never had one and I promised myself 47 years ago I would not have one until I no longer had to use external insulin. I remain optimistic.

However, I have to confess, I have an ace in the hole. I made my former daughter in law that if I was on my death bed, she would get one and stuff it in my feeding tube. Hey by them, if It gets stuck, its time to go anyway.

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I’m not sure that my eating habits would change too much. Though I would definitely drink a big glass of pulpy orange juice along with a plate of pancakes at least once.

My day to day eating habits wouldn’t change much but I do have a sweet tooth and would relish being able to have dessert once or twice a week without having to worry about BG afterwards.

Also, I often deny myself a snack that I actually want when BG is high, and have to eat extra calories when low which leads to weight gain. Eating out occasionally without having a BG spike from mystery carbs would be great.

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I would enjoy pizza and more potatoes, and eat out occasionally. My biggest change would being able to eat without planning or tracking carbs. Also, eat out occasionally.

I don’t think it would change a whole lot. I eat whatever I want as long as the blood sugars are in a good place and even then, I might still go for it. I eat a well rounded diet, eating foods from all food groups. Maybe with a cure I would indulge with some pancakes/waffles for breakfast. It’s usually an omelette or some scrambled eggs. And ice cream! I love ice cream! But I don’t think it would be something I go crazy with because my whole life has been eating in moderation. I can eat something but in moderation. Pizza, sure but not the whole thing. Burger and fries, sure but not all the fries. Piece of cake, no problem but just a small slice and maybe remove the frosting. Everything in moderation!

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Wouldn’t change at all. I eat how I eat for health and performance reasons (with a few treats every now and then). Sugar surfing and good insulin habits keep my control tight.

Of course I’m sure the first week or so would be fun. I’d still wear my G6 and just try out foods to see what happens. How much sushi can I eat and stay “normal”?

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I would just be excited to go for a run without having to eat enough carbs beforehand to choke Little Debbie. Kind of cancels out the benefit of exercise when I have to prevent lows with pop tarts.


I hopefully wouldn’t be so damn concentrated on myself. I wouldn’t be so worried about dying early. I would not be attached to a CGM which seems to dictate my every move. If I hadn’t been dx in 1959 with 22 yrs of faulty urine testing and if I hadn’t blindly followed a very low carb diet while ignoring my rising LDL maybe I could have avoided heart stents.

I had an ultra sound yesterday on my carotid arteries and am now very worried about what the results will be.

Although I don’t think diabetes is nearly as awful as some diseases, this is bad enough. I get tired of it especially after a week of rollercoaster bloodsugars. After two nights of giving shots throughout the night I finally figured out that my 20 day old Tresiba pen was no longer giving me insulin that actually worked. I am thankful that since I changed pens I am now off the rollercoaster, but I am pretty sick of diabetes at the moment.

I wouldn’t mind living a healthy life where my eating isn’t strictly monitored and I could skip riding the bike once in awhile.
I am sick of focusing my every move on this disease. Before stents I really never thought I would die early, now it is a daily worry.

Just want to add that I am more than grateful for my CGM, because it will hopefully help to extend my life. I am very happy that people now being diagnosed with diabetes will be able to live long healthy lives as long as they pay attention to their illness.


I know this is an older topic but I do indulge in various fantasies.

Primarily being able to go for a run and not have to plan everything out and bring 100 g of carbs with me. And constantly, even during “normal” living, be mindful of my pump and my CGM. (For which I’m grateful, certainly).

Also, I’d eat chips! (My personal nemesis, which can mess me up for days).


Peanut butter parfait. I swore I would never even have a bit until some one was cured. I mean really cured.

It has been 46 years. That is a very long time.