I was just wondering how you feel, when there is talk of a cure for Type 1, knowing that it might help Type 2’s as well, but that it will almost certainly not be offered to them.

When we perpetually hear that “the cure is just around the corner”, I can’t help but think…which corner!
The first corner to come within sight will undoubtedly have a corner stone marked “Type 1 cure”…and that will be that.
People will be elated…quite understandably, it’ll be big!!! But type 2 will be forgotten…for a long while, because now that there has been “a cure for diabetes”…the focus will move on to another chronic illness. No sour grapes here…that’s just how it goes!

I naturally feel like a red headed step child or cinderella. We are good enough to have around but not good enough to share in the fruit of labor that could benefit all. Then when bring our angst to light we are told how T1 is so much more harder to deal with as if somebody gets a cookie for being a T1.

This is why I don’t bother worrying about a CURE. My answer is who cares about a Cure. For T2 I personally think it is about prevention and bringing awareness to a unknowing population.

With all the money that goes into Breast Cancer and it still ravishes women you would think they would have found a magical cure so women could quit running around bald.

As long as we still have some insulin, and are considered to have “plenty” compared to type 1, we aren’t going to be on the cure list. I think there are a quite of few people who already believe the cure has arrived, in the form of pancreas transplant. No one has asked me yet why I haven’t had that done but I expect some one will eventually. Christalyn, you put it so perfectly, you got a great way with words!

I guess I am an odd duck of some kind, because in reading the responses here, I wanted to scream, “why are you all so negative or low”? If type I gets a cure, it is my thinking that we will benefit somehow from that knowledge. My thinking is that type i’s have NO pancreas action working for them at all…type 2’s either have some not enough, not the right kind or not an efficient manner to get it to where it needs to go. We can take the information gleened from the type I’s successes and use it, just as we have taken the insulin, meds etc and used them. Come one, we have to get over this 1 vs 2 crap, we all have diabetes and in the end does it matter what number goes with it, not in my opinion. The more they learn about type i’s the more they learn about type 2’s the more we all benefit. But then I tend to believe that someday, I don’t know when, maybe for my grandchildren, diabetes will be cured. Yep, call me an optimist.

I’m glad you’re an optimist! :slight_smile:

This is NOT intended to be a Type 1 vs. Type 2 war in any way. Just a curiosity question.

The issue with Type 1 cures is that they are not likely to be offered to Type 2 for financial/insurance reasons. And they won’t address the various dysfunctions that go along with Type 2. Type 2 is really a variety of diseases grouped together under one label. For those whose chief problem is lack of beta cells, a Type 1 cure would be helpful. But what if you have plenty of beta cells, and plenty of insulin, and your chief problem is insulin resistance? Or maybe what you’re actually lacking is intestinal hormones, like GLP-1? I realize I’m getting a little off topic here, but there are SO many issues with Type 2 that are not being addressed by the average doc, even with research showing their applicability to Type 2.

Personally, my comment wasn’t intended to be perceived as negative…I’m beyond that. I don’t see this query as the initiation of a long winded debate, I would not have answered if that were the case. It’s just reality…type 2 IS very complex.