Curious about the One Touch Ping

This should make Manny happy. I clicked on an ad for the One Touch Ping on the right just out of curiousity. My endocrinologist put me on a MiniMed Paradigm 522. I read about a carb feature where the One Touch allows you to save carb counts for 500 favorite meals. That’s way more than I would need. My weak link in my insulin calculation, even before the pump, has always been accurate carb calculations. I’m not only curious how this works but perhaps a little jealous. How does this work?

It stores 500 carbs for various foods, and the entries are user customizable. Its pretty handy for eating out, or calculating
the carb values of foods you like, which may or may not be in the Meter Remote, but thats what the user customization is for. I find it useful along with the Calorie King book, not to mention the mandatory nutritional labels on almost all prepackaged food, which help immensly in calculating your carb intake. The meter remote calculates an insulin bolus based on your Insulin to Carb ratio, and what your BG and insulin sensitivity factor is, and suggests the proper bolus, which you then enter and deliver. Works like a charm really…

Thanks for the info. The Bolus Wizard in my 522 does all of that except I’m on my own for the carbs. I’m getting so I’d rather eat something out of a can or box instead of old fashioned home cooking. I’ve found carb calculations online at This is a lot easier that those books.

The 500 food list on the Ping actually comes from Calorie King.