Current events

I am constantly learning how much my diabetes affects not just only me but those around me. My wife (we married 1-21-07) has taken the change from me taking just pills to taking insulen injections with apparent ease. What she struggles with is small things like my skin being very sensitive to touch and sometimes it hurts just to have her arm resting on my belly. I had an infection which made sex impossible for about a month, this was very tough for her to handle. My parents and friends are used to seeing an upbeat Louis who always has energy and a positive outlook all the time, lately I have felt run down like a very dim flashlight. Every day I feel a litle bit better, a little bit stronger, a little bit more encouraged. and every little bit more that I have makes it all easier to pass the goodness aound. I am looking forward to tomorrow, but now its time for a quick nap.