Currently frozen in my transfer stage from Shots to OmniPod


Not sure where to start?

Maybe I should just get to the point... I've been a T1 for 21years now and averaging mid 6's and low 7's on my A1c while taking only two shots a day. Of course there have been times when I had to take an extra shot here and there. : ) I've averaged these A1c's for the past 7 years if not longer with just my family care doctor. The past two years I have been debating if I wanted to get myself on the insulin pump. While doing my research I came across the OmniPod and I said to myself wow! look at this... no tubes, stings etc…nice! So I waited and now the time has come where I had to the option to get it. I spoke with my family doctor and we both decided it would be the best thing to do and get this year. So I went ahead and started the process.

Well currently right now I'm in the stage where I have the OmniPod at home not being used and I'm waiting to visit an Endocrinologist come 9/12/07 regarding the OmniPod. Come to be that the reason for this is that my family doctor who has been treating me for the past 10years is unable to help me get started and has recommended me with the OmniPod support to visit a Endo. So this is where I am at right now. Taking Shots and looking at my OmniPod in the box unused every morning I wake up and every evening. Of course the morning because this is when I take my 1st shot and the evening when I take my 2nd shot.

Now I'm just hoping that come my appointment with my new Endo that I have not yet met that I just hope I don't walk out of that office without getting started on my OmniPod. FYI: at the same time I'm trying to get a Training rep from OmniPod to show up at my appointment to get started. The Training Rep I spoke with suggested this during my search for the endo.

My other concern here is that I only have 45 days to return the device if I’m not happy with it. I don’t see how I’m not going to like it. After seeing it over and over I just don’t know how I’m going to put myself through it if I have to ship it back. I just don’t want this Endo to look at my record and say… Oh, you don’t need this. Your doing great! Or come back in 3 months and we'll see what we could do about this device. (let's hope NOT)

So I feel that all this time and effort that was put in might just turn out to be a waste of time. Let alone a waste of time for the OmniPod people. OmniPod has been so helpful and concern in trying to get everything up and running for me. In matter of fact I don’t think I would have even gone this far if it wasn’t for the OmniPod Team.

There is a whole lot of other information missing but I just wanted to try and hit the bullet points.

Well wish me luck


Ricardo, welcome (almost) to the world of pumping. I started one this year after over 30 years of shots and I love it.

I’m kind of surprised that you got a pump in hand before even seeing an Endo. IMO your GP probably shouldn’t have written the prescription for such a medical device if he wasn’t able to get you started on it.

I don’t think you should expect to walk out of your first Endo appointment with a pump attached. My Endo required me to receive training from a CDE (one trained on my specific pump) before connecting. And getting onto the CDE’s schedule required three weeks wait.

With that said, I don’t think you have to worry about your Endo saying “no, you don’t need a pump”. While there may be a few who don’t see the value of them, the evidence in favor of them is good enough that most Endo’s are quite supportive.

Regarding the 45 day return policy, you can either assume you’ll be happy with the Omnipod (that’s probably a safe bet) or you could return it now and get another one after your Endo appointment. In either case, I wish you luck. Pumping is great.


Thank Ken, I’m excited to be part of this going group.

Yeah, I have no idea what my Doc was thinking. Let alone I don’t know what I was thinking myself. I guess my pass experience with 2 endo’s didn’t go so well and I just figured my family doc could do this (add the pump). It’s been great for years.

I am leaning on just keeping the unit and waiting even if I’m told to come back at a later time to start the pump. I just wish it doesn’t come to that because I’m ready to do this now.


I had my pump in-hand for about 3 weeks before I started pumping. I did the on-line tutorials, read the manuals, wore it around pushing buttons (just as if it were hooked up), and even slept with it. All that prep work made the CDE training sessions pretty short and enabled me to get answers to some of the more advanced things I probably wouldn’t have thought of without my prep work.


3 weeks…wow! I’ve only had mine for 2 weeks and I’ve gone through the tutorials like 4 times and looked at the manual many times already. I could just imagine how many times you did that in 3 weeks. Thanks for telling me this…maybe I shouldn’t be complaining as much. : )
The one thing I have not done is the whole wearing part since it’s the OmniPod this device actually attaches to your body and once used you have to toss it out. Each device costs a certain amount and this is why I haven’t opened that up yet.
I’ve written a few things down to ask when the time comes but I’m sure those questions of mine will be answered during my training.