Guess I can go to drown my sorrows in champagne and tequila...


Actually, if you stick to really dark chocolate, you might be ok. I went to these once and did a square wave bolus for about 40 carbs, ate only dark chocolate, and had a glass of wine and my BG didn't go over 150. Ok, perhaps it was total coincidence, but I just went with it!

Yeah, I do like the dark chocolate and don't get much of a spike from it. There is just no way I'd be able to control myself at a freakin' chocolate festival though.


Is there a reason you have to attend? Easier not to go.

Chocolate = arsenic-laced botulism. At least, that's what I tell myself these days.

Or sculpture. Sometimes it's really pretty sculpture made out of marble. Completely inedible.

What it is not, for me: food.

The serious answer?

After 26+ years of diabetes, I have managed to find a way to deal with idea of always doing the right thing, or the easier thing, or those times when the easier thing is not the right thing. I've realized, though, that it's become a subconcious game of whack-a-mole, or a computer program running in the background, maybe those little legs that work crazily to keep the calm looking duck afloat.

Every once in awhile I do realize that I do have to work pretty hard at, but I can never anticipate when those moments will be.

So no, I don't have to go to a chocolate festival. But I really really really want to go.

Just sharing a moment when it's really hard to do the right thing, or even the easier thing because it doesn't feel so easy to do.