Cussing at your receiver!

I can't tell you how many times I have yelled at my receiver when it is alarming me of a low. I push the button and I thought that would acknowledge that I was aware of the low and treating it. But sometimes, that receiver just keeps going off and sometimes it even gets stuck at a low. I always double check with my meter, just in case!

If you would like to extend the time between warnings on your receiver go to: Alerts,Advanced, high snooze or low snooze. You can set the snooze to zero or as high as 300 minutes. This is the amount of time you would like between alarms. I have both of these set to 90 minutes. If you hit your "low" or "high" it will alert you with a vibration then if you acknowledge it you will not get another alarm until you go below 55 or above 400 or you reach your snooze amount and are still low or high.

Thank you Clare, I did not even know that existed! Mine was set to "0" minutes and I have now changed it to "90" minutes. That should help a great deal!

Glad I could help. I still find Dex is slow to recover from lows even with the newer software update. If I have treated a low and Dex is still yelling at me I usually just shut it down for 15-20 minutes so I don't over treat the low.

Good idea. I usually double check with my meter and that helps me not to over treat my low.

I do this all the time! Especially when it sounds off as I'm driving or doing something where I can't push the button right away.

Clare--THANK YOU !!! I have sometimes overdone my carbs, just to get the Dexcom to be quiet, especially at night. I checked, and my snooze was set at "0"--which I have changed.--Ruthe

You're welcome Ruthe, it's one of those annoying things I wish my Dexcom trainer had told me to begin with - I taught my CDE this feature as well. Sleep well :).

I had my high set to 60min and low at 15min. I have been calling my dex Mr. Panky lately I have been calling it Mr.Snitch. sensor's have not been behaving lately, well over the 20% and mine also very slow to recover. I am not sure about software on it as I am in Canada so not using the new ware you guys have.

I still curse at my daughter's Dexcom receiver, even when it is behaving (which is the vast majority of the time, thank G_d!) Don't get me wrong, I don't know what we'd do without her Dexcom (named Phil). But even though I am thankful for its nightly vibrations, I still swear at it for waking me up.