Cutting off basal delivery because of sleep position without the pod alarming?

I was wondering if anyone has had an unusual high in the morning when wearing the pod on your back. I have had two mornings (months apart) when I had the pod placed on my lower back and woken up with uncharacteristic extreme highs with no other obvious explanation. It makes me wonder if I was not receiving my basal rate overnight because of my sleep position. The pod did not alarm though from an occlusion. My BS was normal when I went to bed and came down right away when I bolused with breakfast and I had no other problems those days with keeping my blood sugar in range. I know diabetes is a mystery but I was wondering if anyone else has had this experience.

Yes, I’ve noticed this every now and then with my daughter, and came to the same conclusion you did, that somehow her sleep position was either slowing or blocking her insulin delivery.