CVS Caremark Dexcom sensor coverage


Is anyone else having trouble with CVS Caremark covering their Dexcom sensors? I have CVS Caremark as my prescription plan through my employer and they have absolutely no coverage for Dexcom sensors. Has anyone found a way around this?

My insurance requires me to go through CVS Caremark for all my prescription medications but for durable medical equipment (DME) I go through a DME supplier that is in network with my insurance company for my Dexcom sensors and my Insulin Pump supplies. Maybe you should look in that direction. Hope this helps.

Usually sensors aren't covered under your prescription drug coverage. Most plans consider CGM sensors "durable medical equipment" or "DME" and you'll have a separate benefit for that, usually as part of your medical insurance. I'd call up your medical plan and look into their coverage for DMEs and then find out if they cover sensors.

Hi Erin. Thanks so much for your suggestion. That's the odd thing about this situation. I've called BCBS three times now to see if they will cover sensors if they are billed as DME, but they keep claiming that because I don't have prescription coverage through them, only the actual device is covered through them, not the sensors, and the sensors have to go through my prescription plan - CVS Caremark.

I feel like I'm in a unique situation. Just wondering if anyone else is in this same situation.

Thanks again for responding.

Hi. That's where I was originally headed. I called Dexcom and they told me to go through Neighborhood Diabetes to get my sensors because they were considered in network, but Neighborhood Diabetes is telling me the same thing that BCBS is telling me - that the actual Dexcom device is covered through BCBS as DME, but that I have to go through CVS Caremark for my sensors. I've called BCBS and CVS Caremark about 3 times now to clarify because it just doesn't sound right, but everyone gives me the same answer.

BCBS covering the device and not the sensors is like buying an oven and not having any pots or pans. And CVS Caremark not covering any of it is just ridiculous. Thanks so much for your suggestion though. Maybe I'll call back again tomorrow and see if I get a different answer.

Hi. Thanks. So, I called Foundation Care, and all they did was confirm that CVS Caremark doesn't cover anything. How were they able to help you? Do you get your prescription care through them now? I'm confused regarding how they work because I thought they were going to give me more options.

Thanks so much!