Cytokine Storm and abnormal immune response

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Indeed, how one’s immune system reacts appears to be central to Covid-19′s severity.

“The virus matters, but the host response matters at least as much, and probably more,” University of Iowa virologist Stanley Perlman told The Scientist magazine last month.

For some people whose immune systems are compromised by age or for often-subtle genetic or environmental reasons, the normal immune response doesn’t retreat when it should. It goes into overdrive, leading to “a flood of immune cells into the lung.” This has a rapid cascading effect in the body.

Key to the patient’s survival is their doctors quickly recognizing this is happening. Dr. Randy Q. Cron and Dr. W. Winn Chatham, in a report for Vox, wrote that –

All Covid-19 patients sick enough for hospitalization should be given a cheap, quick, and readily available serum ferritin blood test. Indeed, elevated serum ferritin values have recently been reported in Chinese hospitalized patients with Covid-19. This is a good first screening tool for the possibility of a cytokine storm syndrome in sick patients with high fevers.

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I don’t think that’s happening with vaccines however