D-Blog Week 2012- Day 1- Find A Friend

So today is the first day of D-Blog Week (really it was yesterday but I forgot to post this for MaMissy yesterday sorry ma)and we are to think about the D-blogs that I read that I think you all may not know about and introduce you all to one that I love.

As I sit in my hospital room I am thinking of the different D-blogs that I and my son Micah read and how hard it is going to be to pick one. But here I go.

One of the blogs that we try to keep up with is the LivingVertical Blog of Steve and Stefanie. If any of you have not checked it out yet please do so. I started reading them because of Micah. They are an inspiration. Especially to a very active, skydiving, type 1 diabetic 12 1/2 boy. And for that I like it and I read them. I like to get inspiration from where ever I can for my son and I. And boy do we get it form their blog.