D-Blog Week 2012: Diabetes Creativity Wildcard

Well, today I was supposed to write about my Fantasy Diabetes Device. Since I'm posting really late, I got to read some of the other entries. So, meters that are really accurate? Smaller pumps? Diabetes fairies? Intelligent insulin? A real functional pancreas that is immune to the attacks of the immune system? Bring them on! So while all the scientists around the world are working in their more or less secret laboratories on at least one of the dream devices suggested today, I just picked a wildcard and I got creative.

Well, I got creative some months ago. You could say that today I took a double wildcard since I'm posting a "piece" I created earlier. But still counts, right? So here it is, a necklace I made last November for WDD:

Yeah, diabetes itself isn’t pretty, but at least it can provide inspiration for pretty stuff!