D-Limerick anyone?

Who amongst us remember limericks. Thought we might have a little fun with this. Anyone else willing to try. Gary S

Here's my contribution

There once was a man with "D"
So confused that he just couldn't see
That his glucose was low
and we all know
What he needed was not Sugar-Free

There was a disease in my guts
That drove me utterly nuts
I have to have shots
and not to know what
My blood sugar is or is not?

There once was a girl with "D"
Who got up often one night to pee
Her sugars were high
It made her cry
So she gave herself a CB

Oh boy, I'm sorry, it's the best I can do!

I once had a serious low
What to do, I just didn't know
So I opened the fridge
To start on a binge
There was nothing sweet in there, oh woe!

Diabetes is this thing that keeps giving
It's a high low up down way of living
Should I eat this or not
Will it leave me needing extra shots
Oh the hell with it pass me the pudding!

I see we have Poets amongst us. I love these .

I can't help but to share this one (althought it's not a limerick).
When I was at diabetes camp as a child, we often sang this one....

"No sugar tonight in my coffee
No sugar tonight in my tea
No sugar to make me high
No sugar to make me pee

Da da da da da da da da..."

There once was an organ that failed
It's effect was initially veiled
It soon became clear, that death was soon near,
Until I took my first shot without fear.

If someone wants to try haiku. I'm not sure I can manage.

Does anyone remember that song by the Archies ? "sugar sugar"
It sounds like it could easily be about a diabetic teenager.
Just sayin is all.

There was an old lady from Perth
Who had diabetes on her seventy first
She said what the hell
Sugar will not make me well
Pass the salad; no cola for thirst.

There once was a young man named Teddy
That for hypos was always quite ready
He thought they were gross
But he carried tabs of dextrose
After taking he was always rock steady