"D" nightmares... what's your "worst"?

In terms of your diabetes, the things you do, what is the worst nightmare that you can imagine happening???

Myself, two come to mind. Hows about… multiple LOWS in a very short time frame, say during 12 hours for example?


I would have to say,losing my toes or ,my eye sight. control, control, contol. i try so hard then have to have shots in my feet and my bg soars out of sight and i have to take more insulin to correct.

My worst diabeties nightmare,was when my brother was little i say like 5 and me8. I watched some scary! stitutions. Like my brother watching tv after school and all of the sudden. Having to get mom because he would not respond. Could not get anything down . And they had to sit on him because he was havig a diabetic seizure. That was MY WORST NIGHTMARE! Because who knew I would be watching and helping to him come out of this. And i never knew that i too would have diabeties in 20 some years later. I PRAY TO GOD I NEVER HAVE TO FACE THIS DAY…I beleive there are always angels among us while we sleep or travel or go anywhere,t/c and god bless diabeticidol94

-losing a pregnancy because of poor control
-going through DKA again (only at diagnosis so far, knock on wood!)
-a debilitating low while driving

Not realizing you shot TWICE until you are in twilight, fallen asleep

Short term fear is driving while low. Long term would be losing my sight or limbs.


I'll be curious how many people say blindness. :) Usually that's a top one. For me, that's my least fear. You can still do anything as a blind person, you just need to learn different techniques for doing some things.

My worst fear would be something like a stroke or heart attack that would kill me. Once you're dead, there's nothing you can do about it. As long as you're alive, whatever you're going through might be difficult and scary in the short term, but you can still deal with it and regain a quality of life and your goals.

Loosing the will to fight to take care of myself and because of that being a burden on my family. I had a friend that quit caring. His family is still angry several years after his death because he could possibly still be alive if he would have cared of himself.

When I'm conscious, it's blindness. My sight is already so bad, that I worry.

On the other hand, yesterday, I was taking a nap and dreamed that I woke up long enough to take my blood sugar, and it was like 600. So, in the dream, I take it four times in succession, each time it was higher, until the last time it was over 800, and I woke up just enough to realize that my meter doesn't read that high, so I should calm down, so I took my blood sugar, and it was like 88. So, apparently my unconscious is scared of highs . . .

long term fears - all about losing limbs/sight etc..kinda like my limbs! I love triathlons, so i would like to keep all my limbs and eyesight etc please!

Last year at the marathon, when I was running out of gas, or when I'd run out of gas for a while, a guide ran by "Blind runner, blind runner coming through". She was nice enough not to yell "blind runner blowing you off the road..." as, by then, there were a lot of folks running out of gas. Not the blind guy though!

Terrified of crashing the car during a hypo or sleeping through one. Long term like most people I'm scared of losing my feet and eyesight. Also I often look at my girls and hope they never get this. I tend not to worry as much when I'm taking control of the whole thing. I do remember an awful situation as a teenager, I was on my bike going down the road, there were a group of boys by the side of the road. I went over the handle bars. It turned out I was low. It took me months to live it down, although they were very kind at the time. Not exactly a nightmare, but well I was a teenager. Had a close call one time shortly after my first daughter was born. I nearly dropped her before a severe hypo, luckily I passed her to my mother just before I conked out.

I know a few blind people who have run marathons and such, it's not uncommon. I also know many who are into bike racing (using tandem bikes). Tandem biking is pretty awesome, I'd do it regularly if I had someone to pilot. I used to ski when I was younger and got to a level where I could have raced if I'd wanted to (I still kind of regret that at the time I had zero interest). I wore a vast that said "blind skier" and had a guide who also wore a vest saying "guide." I had a few near-collisions with people who didn't get out of the way fast enough!