Daily Diabetes

So I’ve been Diabetic for 28 years, Type I. I need better control of it. Everyday I just have to try and make the best of that day. I have been lucky to not have complications, kidneys–good, eyes–good, no neuropathy, heal–well, Gave birth to 3 healthy kids.

Having this website and other diabetic blogs and websites is very useful to me. It helps me put my diabetes in perspective. I like to lose weight. My weight really hasn’t been an issue for most of my life because of my diabetic diet, but some how I have gained weight.

I’m am going to start exercising at the gym and try to count my carbs and calories. We’ll see how I do.

I’m also thinking of participating in a clinical trial for islet cell transplant. Continuous Blood Glucose monitoring is something I’d like to try.

Okay, other issue, I’ve always had a “tummy,” even as a thin teenager. I’m definitely the diabetic “apple” shape. I was thnking about getting a tummy tuck. Has anyone had one? Does it affect insulin pumping? Does getting rid of the fat around the tummy affect insulin absorption and/or sensitivity?