Daily range

What is your daily blood sugar range like? NOT your target range but the range your readings actually fall into when you are doing everything “right” and trying your hardest, and not doing with any unusual stuff like illness?

For me, it’s 3.0 mmol/L to 12.0 mmol/L (54 - 216 mg/dl) on any given good day. Of course, I do get higher or lower readings some days, but this is an average day where I’ve done everything right and not had any random lows or highs. I can go a few days on end with readings in this type of range before I start having higher or lower readings and need to adjust pump settings.

This is with testing 8-10x a day including after meals. I’ve had Type 1 for almost 20 years (diagnosed age 9) and am a pumper. I don’t eat low carb but also don’t think I eat excessively high carb (around 200g a day usually).

Curious what kind of average daily range others have.

65-140 on 165 on average

this is perhaps a bit smooth but not too unusual? T1 since 1984 w/ pump and CGM.

Lovely flat line, Acidrock!!! Jennifer I can range from 55 to 265 in one day and just did that yesterday( but I was a bad-choices-about-diabetes-girl at a school Valentine Party: I! Let’s just say that though I successfully rejected sorbet, Hershey’s kisses, and iced cookies and cupcakes,the MULTIPLE dark chocolate covered strawberries were delicious).

I was having lows in the 50’s and 60’s every day for about three weeks until I finially kicked myself in the head and did some basal testing, After my 3x increase the amount of insuin needed in the Fall due to my steroid injections, I had to redo the whole shebang to get new basals. sensitivites, etc… and am still working on it. I would love to be in the 80 to 130 range all day!! I find if I eat "moderately low " carbish ( no more that 90-120 grams a day and eat high protein higher fat diet, mostly fats from olive oil, cheeses and nuts) I can have more stable blood sugars. and if i cut out carbs from chipss, breads ,processed wheat flours, white potatos, pasta, I no longer crave them nor even want to taste them… I have found I need to lower rather than raise my amounts of insulin needed to minimize the spikes and drops. Using the temporary basal feature prior to and during exercise, house cleaning, helps too.

I am normally pretty insulin sensitive, and I just have to realize that.

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There have been very few days since diagnosis where she has not, usually in the evenings, gone up into the low to mid 200 range for an hour or two. On a good day (non-growth spurt) this number comes down quickly with correction. Also it is rare for two or three days to go by without a mild low, in the 60 range. She can go lower of course, or higher. This would be a normal day. She eats anywhere from 130 to 225 grams a day usually,. We test very often, two hours after meals also.

Someday I will be cyabetic, with a CGM and pump

It’s hard for me to say what a “normal day” is because I started on the pump a little over a month ago, so have had varying numbers as I tweak settings. My meter gives my 7 day average at 131 and my 30 day as 118. Before I started on the pump I had numbers that normally were about 70 to 140 with a few highs (usually under 170) and a few lows (50s) thrown in. Maybe two or three readings over 200 per “page” (4 weeks) I’m looking forward to more stable numbers (staying in that 70-140 range) as I fine-tune the pump and infusion set issues.

I eat a little under 100 carbs a day.

I’m a T2 and on the average range from 70 to the mid 130’s. I don’t take insulin just metformin and I’ll usually consume between 170 - 200 carbs per day.

Generally between 80-160 by CGM. Without CGM I would miss the mild spikes because when I test at 2 hours post meal, I am usually back in Target range of 100 or so.