Hi everyone
I was just wondering how can my pic go all the way from this site to google. I really dont want my pic to be just sitting there on google for everyone to see. I only like sharing my pics here in this particular site however not on google tho. its just weired!
Does anyone kno how i can remove it from google and how to prevent this from happening again.
Plzz reply as soon as you can i need professional help here lol

Maybe you should ask Manny for help…he may be able to set the permissions on your photos such that google cannot index them.

haha yeah i googled my name once and i totally came up in photos, it was really weird

Nouran, I wouldn’t worry about the pictures. I can also tell you that Manny and the admin team are very careful about security here at TuDiabetes and keeping us safe from those who want to do harmful things and take advantage of us. However, this is a good time to remind everyone that it is not a good idea to print your email address, or your address and phone number in regular posts here. I have privately shared mine with a few of my closest friends here.

It IS a good idea to “self-google” your name from time-to-time. My best friend is a professional resume writer and personal branding expert, and has written a nice blog on the subject - here - it’s good to know what your online “presence” looks like.

Nouran, if you send me a private message with a link to the page containing the photo you want removed from the Google search results, I will do all I can to get it done.

Also, I recommend you read this post that explains how to make your page settings private:

As a rule of thumb, always assume that anything you post on-line in a public forum will turn up elsewhere. By assuming that and then asking yourself if you’ll mind someone you know seeing it will tell you if you should post it or not…

well thanks a lot for those who offered help however id like to see my photo off google as soon as possible its odd nd weired lol I dont trust everyone who visits google.

nyways thankx a lot Manny i just sent u a private message of the link.
Also one thing…I set my settings to private but i still dont kno y its still there

Nouran -

I hear you. That is why I posted my favorite pro athlete’s pic and not mine.
Remember if people really want info on you they will have to join or become members so you do have some safety here.
BTW, CONGRATS on “being madly in love” ! Nothing like it is there?!
best regards,

Knoxs dad

Yup nothing is better than being loved by someone u really love. We planning to b 2gether forever! lol I kno it sounds like a fairy tail thing but its just true.

AND btw everyone my pic is gone from google now im so happy. I’ll never put my pic as a profile pic ever again.

Uh… it’s not you on the profile picture ?? LOL