Damn the fanny pack!

As I continue to prepare for the upcoming Long Beach half marathon I’ve had to come to grips with a big bummer…the fanny pack. As my training has started to include longer and longer runs (up to 8 miles) I realized I needed to have items with me that will keep me safe while I run. Though I feel good about being responsible, I’m definitely jealous of all those folks who can basically roll out of bed and crank out a run without thinking about all the things we have to digest beforehand. I am reminded of this all too much when I check my bg before heading out for a run and seeing that my level is too low for the upcoming run. To have to head back in for more cranberry juice is definitely a drag but it’s necessary.

It’s pretty amazing to me to think about all of the stuff us diabetics have to do on a daily basis that normal folks have no concept of. What’s even cooler is we plug along doing all of this stuff without skipping a beat.

So, because it will allow me to push myself both physically and mentally, I will continue to wear the fanny pack while I run and not be ashamed or embarrassed by it. But I do promise not to wear it while doing ANYTHING other than running because that would definitely grounds for immediate harassment!


Keep running. I have completed many triathalons, marathons and half marathons. I wear a water (juice) bottle fanny pack with a test kit on one side and goo on the other side. It is combersome. You will figure out what works for you. Set your goal. Work towards it. You are running for you; don’t worry about the others. I wish you God’s speed and a tail wind.

Bryan, I have done triatholns, marathons and half marathons. I wear a water (juice) bottle fanny pack with my meter on one side and goo on the other side. It is cumbersome. Keep running. Set your goal and work towards it. You are racing for Bryan; don’t worry about the other runners. I wish you God’s speed and a tail wind.

Hey Bryan - so funny you should mention this, I was pondering this a few months ago and wrote a blog about it (here: http://www.beingdiabetic.co.nz/2008/10/12/rock-that-fanny-pack/). Wouldn’t you love to just leave the house and run without abandon? Cheers, Nic

Ha ha, I wear a fanny pack too, and it’s the most annoying thing in the world. My guilty pleasure these days is disconnecting my pump, leaving all my diabetes items behind, and running randomly around outside with “no strings attached.” …Probably not the best thing to do, but it feels so liberating!
I’m having a big problem wearing the fanny pack when I run. It bounces all over the place! How do you cope?

I hate having to stop in the middle of a run to treat a low. The LAST thing I want to do during hard exercise is eat!!! You also loose your rhythm and basically have to start from square one again. ARG! :slight_smile: …excuse the rant.

you should try those cycling shirts, it can hold a bottle, and all your diabetes stuff. although I wouldn’t know how reliable that is, but hey you could run on a tredmill with it to see how it works out. I don’t know exactly what it’s called but my nephew and sister had one and they put water bottles on there.


I have found this site although I have not ordered yet, so I do not know of the quality of the product but it does look interesting. They appear to have various sizes available as well as a range of colors; Hope this might be of help.